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Our Expertise

Creating new business models built on next-gen decentralized blockchain networks.

AlFA labs is a partner of choice for our clients across industries in driving a transformative approach to blockchain engagements. Our approach to blockchain adoption for global enterprises is highly contextualized to customer industry, stage of maturity in their blockchain journey & industry use case. Our end-to-end blockchain offerings cover ecosystem services, advisory and consulting, platform services, application services, industry themes and technology assets to build blockchain solutions. We work with clients to drive transformation through strategic engagements comprising of global advisory and SME services that help build ecosystem of partners and participants in the blockchain network, resulting in enterprise-grade blockchain solution.

We bring together existing AlFA labs offerings and solutions with blockchain: AI, Big data, IoT, Digital, platforms like Connected Car platform, AlFA labs HOLMES and Miliu bank. Our enterprise partners include IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and VMWare. We also partner with emerging players like R3Travacoin and MonetaGo for developing niche blockchain applications.

What We Do

  • Blockchain Ecosystem Services
  • Blockchain Advisory and Consulting services
  • Blockchain Platform Services
  • Blockchain Application Services